Hello, I'm Melanie, the artist and designer who founded Hidden Button Workshops. My interest in art started at a young age during primary school, as it was the only subject that allowed me to express myself and explore my passion despite being dyslexic. After completing my high school education, I was accepted into the National Art School in Sydney to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, majoring in ceramics. This four-year journey also led me to complete an Honours degree with a high distinction. Following my studies, I moved back to the Central Coast, where I grew up and started a family. Alongside being a full-time mother, I pursued my love for ceramics and macramé by building my own small business.

I am particularly drawn to ceramics for its 3D form, which allows you to examine it from various angles and appreciate its texture. Ceramics presents endless opportunities to experiment with different techniques and push my skills to the limit.

As for macramé, my mother taught me the craft and I found that it complemented ceramics very well, creating functional home decor pieces. Macramé has been popular in the past and has regained popularity in recent years, particularly for wall and plant hangings, characterized by a Boho, Coastal, and Scandinavian style.

I am based in The Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia, and conduct Macramé and Clay Workshops in the surrounding areas.