About Us



Hi, my name is Melanie, the artist and designer behind Hidden Button. 
My passion for art started at a young age in primary school. Being dyslexic I found other subjects at school challenging but studying visual arts seemed to be the only way I could express myself and find out what I was passionate about.
After completing yr12 I was accepted into the National Art School in Sydney, to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts. This led me to major in ceramics for the next four years, extending my studies with an Honours degree, graduating with a high distinction. 
In 2013 I moved back to the Central Coast where I grew up, to start a family but also to start my future in ceramics. Since then I've been working hard, not only as a full-time mum raising two beautiful girls but also working towards my small business in macramé and ceramics.
Why Ceramics?
I fell in love with Ceramics because of its 3D form, that you can look at it in every direction and feel it, picking it up with your hands. There are many techniques to ceramics, there is so much more to explore and test my skills with.
Why Macramé?
With the help of my mum who taught me the craft of macramé, I found the two elements of macramé and ceramics worked well together, creating functional home décor items. 
Macramé was popular in the late 70's and has become somewhat fashionable again in the last five years as a home décor item, mainly wall hangings and plant hangings. It can be classed as Boho, Coastal and Scandinavian style. 
I'm currently based on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. I facilitate Macramé and Ceramic Workshops close to home and go off site to Dungog NSW once a month for workshops at Hive and Gobbler.